Travel to the World’s Attractive Place – Los Cabos

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Traveling to new places not only makes the people to view the beauty of nature, but also gets a chance to get rid of all their mental stress, tension and enhance their mood bind with nature. If you do check on the vacation places, then there are countless destinations available all over the world which makes the entire mankind mesmerize with their aesthetic beauty. Where Los Cabos is one of such iconic vacation destinations in Mexico, which is a coastal region that is located on the pacific coast so if you plan your vacation here sure you can come via airways that too for more than 2 hours from Los Angeles. However, the place is divine which never makes you feel hectic of traveling more than 2 hours of airplane journey. 

Never miss out these places in your Los Cabos vacation

Los Cabos area is between two main towns Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo where you have successions of water bodies to enjoy. This also made this destination to be the favorite spot for many Hollywood films, which you can also experience in real. If your excitement made you plan a vacation for the worlds most attractive place Los Cabos then gets to know more about them. Here are some of the famous places which can be never missed out during your Los Cabos vacations are listed below:

  • Land’s End 
  • Pulmo National Park
  • Santa María
  • San Jose del Cabo Church

Land’s End – The first place you should visit in your Los Cabos vacation trip is Land’s end which is next to san Lucas. Here you can the point where the pacific oceans join the sea of Cortez with the granite rock formation. The circular arc remains to be the natural portal which acts as a window for the pacific ocean if tides are in the good vibe you can able to go walkthrough.

Pulmo National Park – If you love to explore the real beauty of marine creatures then don’t miss out snorkel in the national park. Here you can swim, do scuba diving with different types of fishes, sea turtles, multicoloured parrotfish, butterfly fish and lots of fishes. Sure this would an awesome place to enjoy your day with marine creatures.

Santa Maria – This is a famous beach destination in Los Cabo where you can enjoy walking in crescent-shaped cove land and drive in clear and tranquil water. This place would be filled with calm and peace where you can enjoy watching enormous marine creatures just by hiring a charter boat and drive into the sea. You can also sit in pristine sand under the shade of giant granite rock. The place has developed now with car parking and bathroom facilities to ease out visitors.

San Jose Del Cabo Church – It is a historical place that was built in the 18th century where visitors are offered wine or mescal in a small glass. You can also see huge galleries of handcrafts in the evening so if you are about to visit plan this place for the evening.

In addition to all these if your Los Cabos vacation trip is in November to match then you can have a trip for whale watching on the pacific coast where whales would return to the coast and move to Alaska in summer. You need to note all these places and plan for the best visiting time to make your vacation trip marvelous with marine creatures.

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