Experience a Christmas And New Year Holidays In Los Cabos

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Of course, the holidays are the best time for festivities, particularly in Mexico, where the Christmas season begins and goes for two months. In reality, the time period between December 12 to January 6 is completely filled with many fiestas in which it is jokingly known as the Guadalupe-Reyes Marathon. Below are some of the amazing holiday activities that are happening in all over the region that include:

Whale watching

The whale watching season in Los Cabos starts from December to April, where it extends up to 10,000 males travel to their propagation grounds downhill south.

Holiday spirits

Apart from Pacifico and Corona, the Mexico also boasts an array of seasonal spirits such as PoncheNavideno that made from the Hawthorne fruit as well as a dark Noche Buena spicy lager.

El Dia De Los Santos Inocentes

It is also known as innocent’s day. This celebration starts at December 28 that remembers the decree of King Herod to murder the entire male infants to safeguard his throne.

El Dia De Los Tres Reyes

The celebration of three kings of a period for children is to open their gifts and also for family as well as friends meeting. Its indication treat is a sweet bread rosca de Reyes.


After the Eve dinner in New Year, people go out in order to enjoy local parties as well as theme nights. The New Year celebration in San Lucas is saluted with the stunning fireworks show larger than the Medano Beach.

Casa Dorado New Year’s Eve Party

The luxurious Casa Dorado Resort and Spa can yearly carries out the costume theme parties. Actually, this is a go to party for those who are searching to ring in the New Year in a unique style.

Dressed to the K9s Christmas Party

Terrified in behalf of the Los Cabos Humane Society, this stunning gathering featured with a fundraising public sale as well as sweepstake along with the most yummy drinks and foods as well.

Las Posadas

This Las Posadas event memorializes the expedition of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem. It lasts for nine days and also there are night by night motorcades and reenactments, which conclude with the house parties.

Parroquia San Jose

It sets in the momentous downtown region and this fantastic church is featured with the mosaic Pericues that portrays the assassination of its former inhabitants. This is also a wonderful place to be present at the festival services.

Sabor wine and food festival

Normally, this festival held at the foremost week of December. This festival also brings jointly chefs from different restaurants in an area for the complete day of drinking, eating and music as well.

Why need to celebrate Christmas in Cabo?

The Christmas in Cabo is a right time to have a fun, both the festivities of a season and the beauty of paradise. With these celebrations and parties takes place almost every day in the Las Cabos in December, it is a unique period to face the culture of Mexican as well as soak up the sun. Whenever you visit Los Cabos at Christmas period, there are lots of seasonal things to perform in order to make this season even more magical. However, the following four seasons that you want to book in the Christmas holiday in the Cabo San Lucas.

The festivities

Actually, the Christmas in Cabo is a 12-day celebration of the virgin of Guadalupe from 1st to 12th of December. These festivities and parties filling in Los Cabos at December can make it as a special time to visit and also learn lots about Mexican culture.

Holiday drinks

During the Christmas season in Los Cabos, the seasonal beverages are flowing. When you visit Los Cabos during the vacation season, you can also enjoy drinking the sample seasonal beers.

Warm weather

The biting wind and chilly air of the northern parts of US and Canada makes spending your Christmas time in Cabo a lot more tempting.

New Year’s Eve fireworks

If your Christmas holiday in Cabo San Lucas lasts into this New Year, of course, you are in for the extraordinary treat. Whether you watch the fireworks from balcony or beside the shore, you will surely experience enjoy as well as enthusiasm wandering on the humid breeze.

Top things to do in Los Cabos during Christmas

Basically, if you love to spend December in Los Cabos, you can simply visit during your vacation. The weather in this December is just sunny as well as beautiful and the towns are vibrant with the activities and events. Even, the whales have started to entry to the water. Actually, during this festive season, the Los Cabos are providing lots of things to do and enjoy the holidays with utmost fun and pleasure. Below are the top selections of activities to do every vacation season in Los Cabos.

Fishing- whale watching trip

When you visit the Cabo San Lucas, there are so many things come to your mind, but the world class sport fishing is surely one of the top most things. During winter tome, the blue marlin can make the excellent fishing experience. At this time, you can see wide variety of famous fishes such as Cabrilla, Snapper, Sierra, Wahoo, Yellow fin tuna and mahi-mahi. The whale watching trip in Los Cabos is also a great unique experience.

Visit Todos Santos

Spending your day to enjoy the Todos Santos is possibly de-stress and relax during holidays. To have a light lunch, you just look at the Todos Santos café. Also, do not forget to do the Todos Santos surfing during the winter.

Enjoy all the delicious Mexican food and sweets of a holiday season

The Cabo San Lucas is rapidly becoming a truly gourmet destination. There are several various choices ranged from the top cuisine restaurants and private chefs to some of the best street stands as well as taco places for food and dining.

Enjoy the stunning beaches

If you are staying at one of the stunning beach front villas, you can surely enjoy lounging on the serenity of this beautiful beach and the climate assures that your vacation will be sunnier.

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