About Duara Los Cabos Development

We bought our new home last year, the house in Duara Los Cabos, after selling the one we had in Queretaro, and we have some experience in property purchasing. First day, after the rescheduled (+30 days) delivery we notice all of the windows were installed from another house, visually notable second hand windows. Asked to change them week 1, happened only 1 year after my initial complaint.

It had come to our attention they don’t have a title for our home, can’t transfer the property to us, and they recently removed the guarantee funds from it. So, no guarantee, second hand and cheap finishes with no title on the property. More like no clubhouse and no plan to do it soon. Lack of personnel. Six months already and it’s only partially finished with huge notable mistakes on the guarantee work of the last hurricane damage. Here they will just try to sell you bullshit and fin air. We didn’t had kitchen furniture installed, not even the fridge, no microwaves and no oven, for 3 months after the so called delivery of the property.

They avoid going to the notary office with us since. They took the boiler of 17L capacity and replaced us with one of 13L while they stole some valvular thing from a kitchen accessory and they never returned as requested in the same day. They did the trick just for hot water to pump. When seriously asking A.P. (the administrator) to quit doing stuff like the ones mentioned, or I’ll have go public about it, he started victimizing himself telling everybody I’m threatening him (pussy) and blocked me on Whats-app ever since. Terrible customer service, like one time in his office he told me in the face that he doesn’t care a shit of my complaints. The worst experience ever!

Worst developer ever, have not seen something like them before. Terrible, we have paid more than half and they don’t have any intention to make official the sale in a notary office. This was our deal that we agreed on when signing the initial contract (promise of sale). All the deposits were made in time, until we stopped after 1 year that we didn’t see not even a simple copy of our title, and after all payments we’ve made… but still the house is not completely finished, they always allocated our money to something else like some kitchen for an apartment in the building nearby. They failed fixing our house properly. Now they begun to take things, like windows, and installed very cheap ones.

WTF A.P.? You should resign immediately. Let someone else really do the job, cause if you steal from me, it’s clear you steal from your company too. How much longer you were thinking you can steal from us? You already shown how badly you invested and managed the money for our home. Imagine others! When we came here to buy we insisted to do the roof in a matter it won’t rain in our bed. Instead, and this is notable, you paid less for all the constructions materials for this house.

Take note A.P., this is why we are involving two different lawyers (a civil and a penal lawyer). We noticed you were stealing our electricity with the complicity of the security guard D., which hidden the diary log from us refusing access to it, then the second day you have sent us different names from the CFE electricity workers, only we had made a photocopy 1 night before, we were just testing you, still have that photo. So this is a penal case with CFE workers involvement, but at least they recommended you to install the new panel for the water plant, so electricity bills returned to normal. We have consumed in 3 months like a normal house in 4 years.

Thank you A.P. and PromoHouse, you are the worst administrator and home seller we ever meet. The solution for the problems: fire the security company and let somebody else to do the job here and if you want to live here and be our neighbor we are fine with it, but you should never have anything to do with administration around here, nothing money related cause you like to steal “electricity”.

This article will be periodically updated, meaning as soon as we have other important news.

Promise is a promise,
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